Creating and Maintaining a Blog is so Easy, Even a Chiropractor can do it… GUARANTEED!


How are people ever going to learn what chiropractic TRULY has to offer if we don’t get the word out?

Blogs are the perfect tool to do that. Blogs give you the ability to establish yourself as an internet authority. Considering most people do all their research about anything and everything now on the internet, we can’t afford to miss the opportunity to teach the public the chiropractic story.

A blog also gives you the opportunity to educate your patients without having to be there to do it. Think about all the patients you see in your practice. What if they knew you had a chiropractic blog and read it frequently? What do you think would happen to your patient retention rates and referrals if they continuously learned about the science, philosophy, and art of chiropractic from you on THEIR time, not YOURS?

Done by Hand – The Blueprint to Chiropractic Blogging Success is an easy-to-read e-book outlining everything from properly naming your website, to uploading WordPress to your server, to writing an effective attention-grabbing blog post, to effectively marketing it on sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. I take you through very thorough step-by-step instructions how to do all of the above, along with much, much more.

Included in Done By Hand – The Blueprint to Chiropractic Blogging Success are:

  • Easily understood, step-by-step instructions on all aspects of setting up a blog, maintaining a blog, and promoting a blog.
  • Self-explanatory pictures to aid in your understanding of all things blogging-related.
  • Exercises at the end of each chapter that serve as your action plan for blogging success.

No other e-book teaches you everything you need to know to create a successful blog likeDone By Hand – The Blueprint to Chiropractic Blogging Success. This e-book takes you from beginning to end so you can establish your blog as an internet force.

And no other e-book this in-depth is SPECIFICALLY TARGETED TO CHIROPRACTORS!

Download Done By Hand: The Blueprint to Chiropractic Blogging Success!

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