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  • q-iconWhat's the catch?

    There’s no catch and there’s no cost!  And, no obligation for anything.  You can stop your subscription at any time.

  • q-iconWhy Are You Doing This?

    I love chiropractors and I love marketing, it’s really as simple as that!  I’m also a techno junkie, I love anything that makes a process easier, faster and gets better results.  And, I’m always looking, learning and testing new services, technologies and strategies so you don’t have to!

  • q-iconWhy Should I Subscribe?

    The obvious reason is to stay ahead of your competition, get more leads/patients with less effort through the use of better technology, strategies etc.

    Listen, me and my team scour the internet for anything that helps us leverage technology to make more money faster.  Sure you could spend countless hours yourself trying to stay ahead of the curve but why do that when you have us!

  • q-iconIs This Like Every Other Marketing Newsletter?

    No!  I hope not.  Our newsletters are simple.  They’re basic and they’re not very pretty, LOL.  I don’t see a need to spend a lot of time making a pretty template to impress you.

    All I care about is sending quality ideas, tips and tricks in the most easily understandable format possible and without fluff.  We all don’t have enough time as it is, why waste it reading through garbage that has no value.

  • q-iconSo You're Not Going To Try And Sell Me A Product or Service?

    Yes and No.  I’m going to be very transparent here so that we are all on the same page.

    From time to time there may be a product or service that I am reviewing and if there is a link to it in the newsletter it may contain a special link where our team gets a small referral fee.  These little payments help to defray the cost of our expense to deliver this service.

    Of course there is no obligation to click our link you can always bypass it by searching google and going direct to the source, but that puts a sad face on my team, LOL.

  • q-iconWhat About Facebook? Google? Google Maps? Ranking?

    Yes, yes, yes and yes.

    That’s right all of it!  You will learn some real quick easy gems that will help to give you the boost you’re looking for.  But, like we said at the top, if you’re looking for boring old school marketing then you’re in the wrong place.  Talk to you soon. 🙂

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